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In these perilous times, the hour has arrived for our society to RESET, REGROUP, and REFOCUS. The three most important areas of influence are the FAMILY, CHURCH, and GOVERNMENT. Because of the civil unrest and the reaction due to T.R.A.U.M.A., the entire world is watching. The acronym for T.R.A.U.M.A. is Tragedy, Rejection, Anger, Unforgiveness, Mental Illness, and Abuse. People have become disappointed, dissatisfied, and disenfranchised with the status quo and business as usual. Civil Disobedience is the behavior that results from being unheard, silenced, and ignored. In a crisis, people become emotional because these the three most important pillars in society (FAMILY, CHURCH, AND GOVERNMENT) has deafened their ears to the disparaging cry of “WE THE PEOPLE.”

Reset means to set again or differently. Regroup is to reassemble or cause to reassemble into organized groups, typically after being attacked or defeated. Refocus is to focus attention or resources. We, at the Miracle Deliverance Field Prayer Center are the remedy for what is plaguing society. A Miracle is a supernatural event that defies the laws of nature. Deliverance represents being released from the bondage of a person, place, or thing. The Field represents the world and the area of influence. Prayer is the dual communication between mankind and his Creator. The Center symbolizes what everything revolves around. It is overdue for these three pillars to wake out of slumber, to think with a sober mind, and to become intoxicated with the serum of social justice, equality, and equal for all people. If indeed America is to be great, we must love our neighbor as ourselves and remember the mantra in execution, “With liberty and justice for ALL!” The three pillars of society can no longer capitalize on the misfortune of others and devour them because of their inability to provide the things that life demands. If America is to reach her full potential of self-actualization, basic needs and liberties have to be met. When justice is served, then and only then will America become a United State.

In closing, everyone must self-examine themselves to RESET, REGROUP, and REFOCUS. If we are to absolutely love our neighbor as ourselves, we must do what must be done and win what must be won. I have been developing this program for 40 years. We must all respond to our ability and bring this to fruition. I have the knowledge, experience, expertise, wisdom, compassion, empathy, integrity, and strength. Ninety-five percent of my endeavors are individually funded. Personally, I have gone the last mile and now, I am reaching out to you. I am a woman of faith and I honestly believe that Faith without works is dead. We all can do something to make a difference in this world. We also need volunteers, as well as other supplies such as vehicles, educational materials, buildings, and training centers. You may contact me directly at 912-335-3193. All donations are tax-deductible. You can donate at www.arleenfuller.org and click on donations, or mail check or money order to PO Box 16506 Savannah, GA 31416. You can also Zelle or do a wire transfer to Navy Federal or Chase. Contact us at the number above or email arleen@arleenfuller.org for transfer information. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Ambassador Dr. Arleen A. Fuller